2 End mill

At SCT Tools, many different types of the 2 and 4 flute mill are available for purchase. Different coatings for cutting different materials can be selected and purchased via one of SCT’s distributors which are located all over the world. Besides the standard 2 and 4 end mills, 1,3, and 5 up to 10 end mills are  available in the extensive assortment at SCT Tools. These end mills are used in general engineering, as well as the automotive, aerospace and mold & die industries. That means that all end mills have to comply with some of the strictest quality regulations in the business. As a customer, it means you can profit from this by buying the best quality end mills in the business at SCT Tools.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 end mill, what’s the difference and why is it important?

If you are new to the world of milling, the different terminology might be confusing. Ergo, what does the difference in number of teeth mean? The number in the SCT article number refers to the number of teeth in the tool. Each tool is designed for a specific purpose and the number of teeth is chosen accordingly. The general idea behind the number of teeth is: the more teeth a tool has the longer the tool life this specific tool has. However, one should not only consider this but also take into consideration that a specific material may require a distinct amount of teeth due to the application required for processing this workpiece properly. For machining aluminum we use a 1, 2, 3 or 4 flute tool while for trochoidal milling we use a 4 or 5 flute tool. This displays the difference that one can either select a tool for a specific material or for a certain application.

End mills by SCT Tools are made from the best materials available

At SCT Tools, you can count on the best carbide end mills and drills, made from the best materials available. Our end mills, are made from solid, or tungsten, carbide. This material is twice as stiff as steel, so it can cut through practically every material used in the automotive, aerospace and general engineering industries. Without the right number of flutes, tool life will be shot!

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Do you need end mills for your business? Or do you have a project that requires dynamic cutters? You can place your order by contacting SCT Tools, or by visiting one of our global distributors. If you are not sure what type of end mill your project requires, feel free to ask one of the experienced employees at SCT Tools. For an answer to all of your questions, contact SCT Tools by calling +31 (0)13 531 00 80.