Carbide ballnose end mill

A carbide ballnose end mill is perfectly suited for milling in 3D. For this reason, many manufacturers in the aerospace industry use a carbide ballnose end mill for making very specific and delicate parts that require a perfect fit. You can order a carbide ballnose end mill at SCT Tools, a Netherlands based producer of carbide cutting tools. Products are shipped to distributors all over the world and are renowned for their quality and precision.

 Carbide ballnose endmill; perfectly suited for the ever-changing automotive industry

The automotive industry is constantly subjected to change. New inventions such as lighter, materials, or new components, which work more efficiently than their predecessors. These inventions require cutting tools that can cope with these changes. And that is exactly why the versatile carbide ballnose end mill is the tool of choice for many manufacturers. Because the ballnose end mill is made from high grade carbide, it also has a very long tool life.

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SCT Tools has a global network of distributors at which you can purchase carbide end mills and drills. Visit one of these distributors if you have any questions about the right tool for the job at hand. Of course you are also more than welcome to call us at +31 (0)13 531 00 80.