High performance end mills

High performance end mills are used in continuous production processes that demand a long tool life and that need to perform under the heaviest cutting conditions. A high performance end mill is also known by its abbreviation, HPC end mill. These high performance end mills can be purchased at SCT Tools. Here, you will find premium solid carbide end mills and drills for cutting through some of the hardest materials such as Steel, titanium and other heat resistant alloys. Feel free to contact SCT Tools with any questions or if you wish to place an order.

AICrN, diamond and other coated, high performance end mills

The premium line selection by SCT Tools consists of high performance end mills which are coated with AICrN, chromium, nitride or AICr alloys. This coating is specifically designed to let a HPC end mill perform under high speed, and the high temperatures which are a result of continuous usage. Still not strong enough for you? Then you will want to check out the Ultra-X Line. This showpiece line has a HPC end mill which can cut through materials up to 65 HRC.

Not sure what end mills you need? Allow us to help you

Are you not entirely sure which end mills will suit your needs best? At SCT Tools, we are more than willing to assist you. For an honest and thorough advice, please contact SCT Tools by calling +31 (0)13 531 00 80. After making your choice, your HPC end mill order will be send to you as soon as possible.