Rougher end mills

By using proper rougher end mills you, and your employees, can remove large amounts of material quickly. Because the rougher profile of the teeth of these end mills, they allow for lighter cutting. Working fast and efficient, requires the premium grade rougher end mills of SCT Tools as the tools of choice!

Rougher end mills with a long tool life

Working efficiently is mostly a matter of good preparation. A part of good preparation is using the proper tools for the job. Rougher end mills by SCT Tools are perfectly suited for rapid stock removal. Order these end mills with a titanium or chromium based coating. Not sure which coating suits your needs? Do let us know, our employees will be happy to assist you.

Contact SCT Tools for more information

Looking for the right tools, but haven’t found them yet? SCT Tools can definitely help you with that! By contacting customer service you can ask for advice on proper tools and place your order as well. Your order will be send to one of our global distributors and from there it will be delivered to you as soon as possible. Contact SCT Tools via +31 (0)13 531 00 80.