Variable helix end mill

A variable helix end mill is used when high performance is necessary. Because of its unique geometry a variable helix end mill will suffer far less from chatter when used at higher rotation speed. SCT Tools provides many companies all over the world in the car manufacturing, aerospace, and mold & die industries with the tools they need to do a proper job. You can order a variable helix end mill through one of our global distributors, or directly at the production facility and main office in the Netherlands.

Chatterfree and high-performance machining with a variable helix end mill

By selecting your variable helix end mill at SCT Tools, you are providing yourself with the tools you need for high-performance milling without destroying your equipment in the process. You can use these end mills for difficult to cut materials such as tool steels, titanium and numerous other heat resistant alloys like titanium. Make your own job a little easier by ordering your tools from a renowned specialist in special carbide tooling!

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You can provide your business with specialized tools with a long tool life by placing your order at SCT Tools today. If you have any questions you wish to see answered before placing your order, please contact SCT Tilburg B.V. by calling us at +31 (0)13 531 00 80.