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Maximal economical tool life with SEP.

The SCT Tools Eco Plan.

Environmental awareness and cost effectiveness

Inspired by the Ecosphere SCT developed SEP. SEP is SCT’s own regrinding and recoating service with the purpose of extending the usage of your tools, thus relieving the pressure of the environment.

The SEP cycle consists of six individual steps in which quality, environment and costs are key values. Each tool will be thoroughly inspected upon receipt to make sure it follows the optimal flow within the grinding process. Self-evidently, all SCT Tools cutting tools will be grinded according to SCT factory specifications to reobtain their original quality.

To minimize pressure on the environment all grinding remainder, rest materials and scrap are collected in an environment-friendly way and sent for recycling.

You will expand the economical tool life of your SCT Tools cutting tools up to 300% while saving up to 50% on your total tooling costs by regrinding and recoating these cutting tools according to the SEP system.

The advantages of SEP.


  • Regrinding according to SCT factory specifications
  • Minimal waste of material with regrinding
  • Simple recognition of the number of regrinds
  • Detailed regrinding history through a barcode system
  • Minimal setup time
  • Save up to 50% on tooling costs
  • Recycling of grinding remainder
  • Extend tool usability up to 300%

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